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George Floyd Emergency Endowment Fund

Honor George Floyd

About the George Floyd Emergency Grant Fund

The June 4, 2020 memorial honoring the life of George Floyd sparked a national movement. Dr. Scott Hagan, President of North Central University, challenged every university President to establish a George Floyd Scholarship. Dr. Andrea Moore immediately emailed President Nelsen and he quickly responded in agreeance, affirming that Sacramento State would accept the challenge to create a trauma crisis emergency grant. Sacramento State alumnus, Paul Coccovillo, has since stepped forward and generously provided the seed funds for the George Floyd Emergency Grant Endowment and initial grants.

“While, King Floyd is not the first nor the last to be killed due to social injustice, his death touched the world. The creation of the George Floyd Emergency Grant is one of the actions in support of cultivating an anti-racist campus climate at Sacramento State. Sacramento State knows that Black Lives Matter. In recognition of the Legacy of George Floyd, this grant uplifts the spirit of recognizing we are one, honoring not only this name, but all the names of those who have lost their lives due to social injustice.”

- Dr. Andrea L. Moore - Associate Professor and Director of the Cooper-Woodson College Enhancement Program

Join us in our effort to create a legacy for George Floyd by making a gift today.


To give by mail, make checks payable to: The University Foundation at Sacramento State. Please use the mailing address:

Sacramento State | Development Office | 6000 J Street MS 6030 | Sacramento | CA | 95819

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