The Youth Program Scholarship campaign has closed. Please consider making a gift here to support Youth Programs.

Youth Programs

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Youth Programs at Sacramento State shape lives and prepare students for future careers

Sacramento State offers a variety of programs to engage youth during summer months. These programs provide 7th-12th graders with the opportunity to:

  • Explore educational and career opportunities in various fields
  • Discover new academic and creative challenges in topics not always available in traditional school
  • Work with other students on real-world projects
  • Preview the college experience and learn about various college majors
  • Try new subjects
  • Learn from Sacramento State professors, community college faculty, area public and private school teachers and industry professionals

Youth Programs are a longstanding tradition at Sacramento State and the University would like to offer this learning opportunity to all families who value summer education. Through our new Youth Program scholarship, high school students who do not have the resources available to participate, can now receive tuition assistance and technology support to enroll in Youth Programs. The opportunity to build meaningful skills, explore career opportunities and work with university faculty is now available to more students than ever before.

Please consider a gift to support Youth Program scholarships for youth like Jessica and Maria. The average cost of an academy is $350 and scholarships range from $50-$200.

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