Thomas E. Landerholm Legacy Scholarship

Dr. Thomas E. Landerholm made an indelible mark on Sacramento State. Join us in honoring him by supporting the Dr. Thomas E. Landerholm Legacy Scholarship.

Thomas E. Landerholm Legacy Scholarship

Dr. Thomas E. Landerholm loved Sacramento State. He joined the Department of Biological Sciences as faculty in 2002 and leaves the campus and surrounding community a legacy of leadership in building modern facilities, curricula and programs including those that promote success in the STEM classroom, workforce, and beyond. His brilliance in cell, molecular and developmental biology coupled with his visionary approaches as a teacher and researcher helped students implement a growth mindset in pursuit of their dreams.

Importantly, Dr. Landerholm was motivated by mentoring others and bringing people together, all done selflessly with love and humor. He fearlessly rolled up his sleeves and jumped in at every opportunity to do the tough work in support of the team. All this, and so much more.

Sacramento State is hereby establishing the Thomas E. Landerholm Legacy Scholarship. Our goal is to raise $10,000 so an endowed scholarship fund can celebrate Dr. Landerholm's legacy in perpetuity. The spirit of this award is to empower students by reducing financial barriers in pursuit of educational excellence and fulfilling careers thereafter.

Dr. Thomas E. Landerholm dedicated a lifetime to learning, doing and teaching science. With love and admiration, we are eternally grateful. 


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