Student Financial Support

Student Financial Support

Students come to Sac State ready to begin an educational journey to prepare them for the future, but try as we may, we never quite know what the future holds. Unforeseen circumstances can create financial barriers to students finishing their degrees; therefore, we've created safety net for when unexpected situations arise.

When you make a gift to any of the programs below, you are providing direct financial support to deserving students so they can focus on what matters most continuing their educational journey.

Student Emergency Grant Fund

Supporting any student facing difficulty, this fund serves as a safety net for our students. Your gift will provide grant support to students who encounter financial emergencies that may impact their ability to continue their education.

Green and Gold Scholarship

This scholarship fund was created with one word in mind: access. Your gift will support any student awarded who has demonstrates enthusiasm and determination to obtain their undergraduate degree, despite personal, financial, or other hardships.

Graduate Award & Research Grant Fund

Many undergraduates want to pursue a graduate degree but do not have the resources to immediately engage in every role required: a student, researcher, working professional, and more often than not, a family provider and nurturer. Your gift will support graduate students in their endeavors as they work towards their next educational milestone.


Your support will help increase student equity and access to career opportunities by eradicating students’ choice between paying bills today and securing their professional futures through internships. These experiential learning opportunities are critical for professional development and are often out of reach for many of our students. Your gift will help ensure students don't have to work while interning and earning their degree, or forfeiting this critical component to their education.


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